Life is the greatest teacher

The Universe is the greatest university,
And Life the greatest teacher;
The same ideals and principles you held on to,
Your loyalty and faith in them now falter;
What you thought once written in stone,
You now realize are written in sand;
Normalcy is a Utopian concept;
The greatest handicap is that of the mind.
You may know your way and yet be lost;
You may wander aimlessly and yet know your way;
The compass of life may guide you to where you wish,
And, yet, it may not be where you wished to be, anyway;
Happiness slips down like sand in a fist;
Eyes sparkle with wasted tears;
It doesn't matter whether you're poor or rich;
You appear far older than your years.
Life has taught me that life isn't fair;
What you get isn't what you deserve;
Like Scout bees that suck nectar, drain flowers, leave,
You too are left lonely on your downward curve.
Finally, you walk the Path of life alone;
Faith, Guts, Knowledge, Resilience, are your friends;
Do what is expected of you without expectation;
Life will reward you with peace when it ends.

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