Life is to be Unexpected

When I break away and run,
is it my loss or your failure?
For after countless nights of wandering minds,
and endless days of recurring thoughts,
My soul decided it could not have you.
Not because you were unworthy,
but because it was unworthy to be held by such beauty.
For brokenness is beauty only to the optimist,
and one cannot be an optimist as they grow old.
So I must run.

When you chase me and you catch me,
I finally receive, and I suppose you achieve.
For you hunted me like a lion, and held me like a python,
forcing all my walls to come crumbling down.
And the rubble bruised my soul, but even that brought joy,
for it healed to fit yours.
And now we shall live what's left of life, our souls, bodies,
brokenness and healing all entangled.
For life is best when it's not what you expect.

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