life is tough child, all the best

Once I was inside my mother's belly

I used to listen to everything she said

And feel her warm hands comforting me.

When I came out from there,

I felt the world was entirely different.

In there, my friends were lungs, heart and kidney

But instead, I found aliens talking to me

In a tick, I realized I was one of them and

We are called human beings

Lively, I became a kid, very intelligent, you know

My mamma changed my diapers,

Dad played football with me

Grandpa kept dancing with me on his shoulders

Grandma saying gobs of tales 'bout fairies

Back then, everyone listened to me

So I had vibes of a great king

And thought that I was stronger and bigger than anything else.

By and by, I started growing as a teen, hanging out with a lot of friends

Mom and dad are busy attending their clients

Grandpa died due to heatstroke

Grandma still used to tell me stories

Not 'bout fairies but about my childhood

As a teen, I believe I know everything

Fooling everyone expecting that they will not know anything

Forgetting that they were a teen earlier and passed through this phrase

In no time, I will be young enough to take my decision myself

Dad wouldn't be able to work because of his age

Mum will still be busy earning

Grandma would probably die in hospital and her last words to me would probably be "life is tough, child. All the best."

I least perchance smoke and drink liquors with my friends.

And go finding a better job that suits me.

Anon, I will be adult making a lot of money

Mum's company is most likely to suffer a great loss

I assume' I'll find a great job that I love

My family would be living a rich life from the money I made

I'll possibly be attending my clients in different countries

In leaps and bounds, I will get married but won't stop modelling

I would meet my parents once a month

Leisurely I might be pregnant

If so I will talk with my belly hoping my baby would listen

I will wiggle it hoping it would comfort my baby

In a twinkling, I will be grey and old

My parents would die

My child will marry and come to meet me once a month

In that case, I would say stories to my grandchildren

My husband would keep them on his shoulder and dance a lot

I would weep and sob thinking back to how my grandma used to tell me stories and grandpa used to keep me on his shoulder and kept dancing

I would die in a hospital thinking about my life

And the last words I will say to everyone on the earth will be "life is tough, child. All the best." Remembering that my grandma said the same thing when I was an infant.

And at that time I would know why she said that but it would already be very late.

I would drop the last tear which holds about the mistake of my life and regret it a lot.

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