Life Is What You Make It

I want to show you things that you need to see,
But why should I, how could I if you won't let me?
I weep along with you but in different ways,
We both figure these feelings will never change.
If I could i would invest all of my time,
to prove to myself you have reassurance and piece of mind.
Im glad to see you have fun but what happens when it's gone,
all done?
Temporary happiness disappears and leaves you with tears,
unnecessary fears and wasted years.
Days could have been spent loving and laughing, singing and dancing.
Feeling the comforting breeze,
as it blows through the gentle sway of the trees.
We know what happened you never intended,
but not finding a starting place,
so many things will never be mended.
It gets harder and harder as it all unfolds,
Please, let us take your hand to hold and keep you out of the cold.
Alot has been missed but now it needs fixed.
It'll b a long, heart aching mile,
but once you start, along with you,
we all can smile

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