By Lissa   

One more day of lunacy,
Many years to bewail.
Reiterating with every triumph,
Possibilities, perpetually to fail.
Your biography is what you make it,
Steering your own compass to set sail.
Morality of acceptance isn't required,
Grasp life, and take heed.
Adolescence- is the only time guidance is a need.
Be exactly WHO you needed as a child,
Then relinquish suppressions of vanity,
Like a balloon, let go, and unearth.

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This Poems Story

People in general aren't based on how they are raised. Some of us, chose the opporotive. Our parents were barely there. Anyone who grew up with no-one, needs to know that doesn't matter. Only u control what you do through life once you are grown. Circumstances before then do not matter. If you chose to be an addict because your parents were, that TOO was YOUR decision... Nobody's fault but your own. To be healthy we must own our mistakes, our mess ups. You can't blame this or that for your every problem. Happiness is measured Yourself. Everything in general, will always get better. Life is What You Make it!!