Life lessons #1

Life moments capture the heart in the most unusual way. For a time, that moment felt perfect. The trumpet player hitting just the right note in your room, standing next to a waterfall feel like God’s tears splashing against your face. The gift, a simple kiss is perfect for that moment. It is no longer a physical but your heart is alive which prove its dominance over the mind. So your mind stuck on ways to keep your heart beating.
I love you was the only way to calm the child from within while the mind try keeping that moment alive. Suddenly the awkwardness of prematurely letting a moment determining what seem to be perfect control your actions, making situations weird. Love is a feeling that evolves beyond the moments but that moment was a piece of heaven. We are all a sucker for that moment. Which creates feeling that can’t be proven. We must allow the moment to be just a moment. Don’t be the prisoner of the moment

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