Life lessons from my Mom

All I really need to know I’ve learned from my mom.
Throughout my fifteen years of living, my mom has taught me many essential lessons.
Things that I wouldn’t necessarily learn in school I’ve learned at home from my crazy, loving mom who always wants the best for me. Here are some of the important demands that she has bestowed upon me and will live with me forever:
Clean your room (She reminds me often but this is one I’m still working on)
Don’t put your dishes in the sink
If the dishwasher is full empty it (This is one my sister is told to do often but I always end up doing it)
Dinner is an essential meal that is meant to be shared (ever since I was little we have always sat at the table together every night and shared what had happened during our day)
Always laugh even if it’s at yourself (my mom has taught me to laugh in every situation)
Always be on time (my mom has always been an early bird and always gets ready early so she can help my sister and I)
Dress to impress (everyday, wherever she goes, my mom always dresses up no matter what)
Do what you love ( my mother has always told me that when I grow up I should follow my passion and be in a career that I enjoy)
Make smart choices (every time I go out with friends or leave the house I am always told to make smart choices)
Always be kind (you never know what someone is going through so you should choose kindness)
Don’t take candy from strangers (she would always tell my sister and I this everyday when we were little and my sister would always say “why, I really want the candy”)
And last but not least……..
Always say I love you wherever you go

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