Life (Lessons I Learned)

:::::: Blessed days of being alive, every moment of my life;
I share to u my teaching ways ;
that gives u hope in many ways;
Thank u god.. thanks to ur son!
thanks for all u have done ;
save and protect:
ur holy and great;
for keeping love and destroying the hate;
for opening my eyes with understanding;
knowing that heaven and hell is just the beginning;
my son hes an angel who can fly:
seeing the angels way up high;
eyes bright as a star;
incredible owl like sight far away. thru the night it will stay;
nothing gets past his sight that he got cuz he fights for hos God; only the TRUTH no pretends..we are not in baby. land ;
thankful i am for my win,
unpleasant ways i had faced in this hell they call place; ..
that directed me to the real;
To my sons, soon u will see and be ready in a time of need;
but dont get pushed aside; Always. know im on ur side ;
leading u to a life of pride;
3 boys that i got; who loves me a whole lot;
listen to all my words ;
whats already gone and what will occur;
writting a book with all my nerves;
weather u believe them or not;
God chose me and gave me this spot; read and pay attention to what u may have been missing;
or could have even forgot;
judgement is ugly; keep it in ur thoughts;
my words of feelings and aggression ; life put me thru a painful lesson.
to write this book is a blessing;
my feelings, inspiring words :no guessing,;
field with poems that are new.that has a meaning for the rude ;
a new beginning they may find ;
praise god all the time..start reading dont close ur eyes..u might miss a huge surprise !

Wild: but Brave:
(My Oldest Son:)______

:: My ten-year-old(whos very entergetic)has opinions that he will speak; one day said to me"i owe him",as normal as he could be;
Turned around and got his focus,thats when i said "my son u shouldnt owe,and this you should always know;
work for ur riches,silver and gold;
to sit with god as u were told;
to continue on teaching
for example;;
your 2 younger brothers.
you should know ;
These are all of my lessons untold;
i Learn from people who had gold
that had faith and no questions;
others evil with temptation and greed ;
who sale their souls like they dont need;
wont ever see the lords graceful deeds:
Life is BIG ; evil and not
Hold ur head
Thru all u fought;
Pass the snakes;
And the hating fakes;
life will teach you their mistakes:
Life of Morales and many GREAT!!!
Hope and love you will take
calm breaths each time u wake: courage every step u take; a man i. helped make
Love you always and for every day
to u this is what Im trynna say..."I am proud of u son,for the good ole days..look at who u become
My lil growing son!!
I love u Timothy Jayden Navarro:
for many more great and many tomorrows !!
Watching u grown like a flower :
Heart with love:
Hands of stone;
Your brain is brilliant , on it's own
No one like u ;
Tough and strong
Shine thru, and keep on;
special gifts u have won;
u r my heart ;
I will always need!
U are my then;my now and forever;
Thank you for all you have done
YOU are great my dear son!

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This Poems Story

My life through hard times and good .My life where I learned many lessons, like keeping my focus and pass on to others who may be in a hopeless place.