Life, Love, Lust, And Lying

Life used to feel empty/Love used to seem fake
Lust used to be unavoidable
And lying seemed to be the truth in disguise
Life used to feel like punishment/Love used to be a cruel joke
Lust was infatuating/And lying was for the best
Life feels fulfilled/Love seems to follow me
Lust is just looking/And lying isn't that bad
Life couldn't feel better now/Love makes me smile again
Lust is a smaller form of love/And lying couldn't feel more true
Life is finally better than dreaming/Love is creeping in slowly
Lust has passed along/And lying isn't part of me
Life makes me smile and laugh/Love has me caught
Lust is another word for 'can't let go'
And lying about 'us' can't hurt me anymore
Life makes me think happy thoughts/Love has me blushing
Lust feels like nothing/And lying can hurt if you let it
Life has me writing again/Love is there to help
Lust just isn't enough/And lying isn't something I do when I write

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