Life lyrics

Lessons of life we should have listened to mines still developing but look at you
Happily ever after was just a point of view
Learned manners so I don't point at you
Focused on your benefits like a 401k I guess anything for someone to be into you
Next to you when I texted you
Good thing I learned after I left to never mention you
Over relationships like a boat in the water floating in lava
Straw that broke the camel's back was too heavy
I'm to ready more then ever steady smart quick to drop the hardest hit
rawish like a bar last call rich
Climbing to the top with a beach ball to dive off with
The height of life reasons and glory we all have similar story
Waking up in the morning heart racing on go mode utill I get the floor sold
Of course gold just enough for my hands to hold
Maybe a truck or a bus load full like Russell Simon's I must flow
Get the point across with one line summarized by the beach in summer time I got a runners mind lucrative
Contradictive oxymoron with no four arms
Makes sense if your a moron taking work off but no call in in a poker game I'm all in
Go from broke to ballin hear the sounds from the court whats the net worth get it debit credit whatever I meant it
Pathetic habit but clever quality honestly
Psychology no apologies demons following Twitter probably
Solemnly swear by every bone in my body to never buckle
Swing and fight for everything I believe is right
Simple similarities common courtesy Nothing nice to say then don't speak
a ghost that don't eat a past that always creeps up the stair case to bring the worst week therapy we must speak, one voice to inspire and relate like we must meet
Do anything for a good night sleep until it's all over thank and nice to meet

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