Life may be tough

Life may be tough but stay strong.
Even though things may go wrong.
Your dreams you want to achieve may take so long.
And sometimes you can't help but feel sad all day long.

Don't despair and get weary in life's challenges.
Never forget to wear a smile on your face.
You may have tribulations that makes you depressed.
But it will surpass and in the end, you'll find happiness.

Life may be tough but fight to survive.
Have faith and believe you can strive.
Count your blessings, not the troubles that arrive.
Give thanks to God for the breath that still keeps you alive.

In this world, there are joys and sorrows.
You may fail and see your flaws.
And how mess your life is, but it will goes.
Believe that good things lies ahead, only God knows.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem is a reminder for us to be strong in life's trials.