Life of a Refugee

The forbidden place we long to discover,
We search our hearts and minds,
Longing to find the mystic of its wonders.
All around us people find luxury,
In shelter, food, and entertainment,
But we're the refugees of our day and time.
Taking what we can get, and using it to our benefit.
These have been our treasures and skills.
To take something that people may say is garbage,
We turn it into something marvelous and twisted,
The way of the status quo.
We twist things around and make them our own,
But we do not get the credit.
We have creativity to rule the world,
But no one ever gives us a chance.
No one ever bats an eye in our direction, they don't care.
They leave us out in the dark, with no shelter,
Little food and barely any hope, but we survive.
We make our path just like everyone else,
The only difference is we take the hard road.
A life of murder, robbery or vandalism,
This is what it takes to be one of us.
The forgotten, the beaten, and the ones left out in the cold.
No one cares even to look in our direction,
No one cares about the refugees.

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