Life Of A Soldier

Blizzards persistent for several days;
Hostilities begun by constant ceasefires.
Enemies striving hard to occupy no-man's-land;
Is of great advantage to annex and be worth.
Huge corps deployed,air-bases set up,
Any moment war may declare.
Colonel ordered to inform relatives,
On a special training,mobiles not allowed.
Six personnel martyred,including a Major.
Rhandra,a week later,marriage was fixed,
Twelve years of inseparableness,deviated by a bullet.
The only breadwinner of four sisters and an old mother;
No more with us.
Body drowned by snowy layers;futile to unearth.
I opened the crate,saw the barbie doll;
My daughter asserted for.
A valiant military brat,seldom we can find;
Proud of her father,brash and mighty,
Would not shade tears if I die on duty.
My wife will cry,but not to worry;
I have a scion,as bold as courageous,
In my absence will bring home the bacon.
With injury in leg today I may replete;
But without defeating the enemies we cannot succeed.
I am a soldier-at-arms,born to protect motherland;
Today I am breathing,tomorrow may not subsist.

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