Life of an army wife

She keeps her head high,
With her heart open,
Humility and compassion,
Are the prized possession,
Sacrifice is the ornament,
She dons with perfection,
Permanence is an illusion,
Adaptability is no delusion,
She is an impeccable combination,
Of patience and tolerance,
For she is a woman no ordinary.

She lives in today,
Knows how uncertain is tomorrow,
She is not the strongest,
Knows how to handle it best,
With fortitude and resilience,
A situation so intricate and delicate,
Her wounds,
She ceases to show,
Are deeper than,
Anything that you know,
For she is a woman no ordinary.

From miseries of loneliness,
To the exuding sense of oneness,
Joy and sorrows,
To light and darkness,
The dualities that make life,
She will get through it,
She knows,
For she is a woman no ordinary.

The pleasure and the pride,
The tears and the hardships,
The skipped heartbeats,
The deployments,
The separations,
The consequences,
That tests her mettle,
And so much more,
That makes the life
Of an Army wife,
For she is a woman no ordinary...

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