Life of Change

It's easy to look at someone and smile
To say hello but feel hollow
Would that be considered evil, fake, or disloyal?
To give so much. To smile at last
For she thinks she has won the heart of a mere object
Power and Control: Is what she seeks to unfold
Love. However
Is it evil, for me to say I love you
And not mean it, for 10 years to her face..
Do I feel empty? Or should that be her?
No. there's something more.
Is she evil, to want more. But you've already given her your world
Family, friends, and a life of her own
Controlling, nagging. Everything you do.
Never pleased. She fights against you
Careful enough to hold your tongue
You're already this far. Let's finish this off
I say I'm happy but on the inside I feel heartbroken
She wants what she can't have
But she's already destroyed it
Is she losing her control when she knows I'm about to go
Off to get educated by professionals
Was she sent from up above. in disguise
A test of strength. Or show of hardships to come
Why is she here
Can't I just be done?
Can you forgiver an evil person?
I love you (step) mom

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