Life or death

Life or death
Don’t you ever wonder?
Whether life’s better or death?
While your mind says otherwise, but your body fights for your every breath.
We’re humans;
We break, we cry, we get hurt.
We grow and breathe and try to survive,
From the moment we’re given birth.
So how can a human, take its own soul away?
Why would anybody do that? What coerces them to take this way?
who can choose drowning and not flying?
when a human’s first instinct is to avoid dying.
How hard can life become? That it makes death look easier.
What’s screaming inside someone’s mind, how can no one hear?
What’s so sad that tears fail to release it,
What’s so hidden, that the person fails to reveal it.
In the end, all that matters is life, how can you take it?
you’re strong, you’re human.
How can you be so weak not to make it?
Life and people always give you a reason to leave,
But you’ve got a dozens to stay.
Sometimes there will be no one, but you are there to keep your emotions at bay.
Everyone gets broken to the degree, that every part of your body screams for the end.
But eventually, everything has a way back together.
Every broken thing can mend.
There are hard choices in life, but giving up is not.
Dying needs a minute of bravery, but facing life takes a lot.
It’s all a part of living, the pain, the tears, the failure or the situation.
You can embrace the pain and release the tears,
because dying can never be the solution.
You have dreams, you have hopes, you have to live.
You have plans, you have goals, you have a life not to give.
Your thoughts can lead you to wrong ways, make it right.
Your mind can lead you to darkness, make it see the light.
Speak up, and end this silence.
Be a lion and raise your voice.
You have a life, live it to the fullest, giving it up is never a choice.

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