Life or Death

I believe to be happy in life,
we have to forgive ourselves for our mistakes.
A life of self-pity is a miserable one.
I believe that we shouldn't live in the past
because life stops for no one.
We should learn from our regrets and move on.
I believe that we should forgive others
and not hold resentment,
so we can have successful relationships.

I believe that we shouldn't obsess over something that can be lost,
because everything in life is temporary.
Therefore we should detach ourselves from situations
so that we can accept them.
We should become so deeply involved in acceptance
that we are able to let go.

I believe that in order to really know how to live,
we have to know how to die.
There should be an acceptance in death as there is in life.
I believe that we should live as if we'll die tomorrow.
We focus too much on the future
and not enough on the present.
I believe that if everyone knew the day they would die
it would have an impact on the way they live.
Life is beautiful,
and we can only cherish it by accepting death.

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