Life over Death

I'm full of cigarettes and past regrets.
Look at me till I'm walking dead.
How could you leave me so suddenly,
you opened the door and slammed it shut.
I'll always love you even if I've had enough.
I'll wait for you and sway in the dark till you find my heart.
Do you wish to believe in the conceived,
to go along for the ride just to catch the high tide?
Do selfish thoughts swim in your brain,
something different lurks in each section that's been drained.
I can't be saved.
Who is really to blame when we all have some kind of shame.
Different sorts and parts,
we carry unique loads of dark.
Nothing ever works out the way it's planned,
something always gets thrown in the middle of two hands.
Why are we constantly accepting commands?
What's catching the falling dust,
filtering it out so you'll know you're enough?
My head tells me to stop the pain,
you'll never gain anything from driving yourself insane.
I have many locked doors I refuse to open, each time I do,
it's another point to score I can't afford anymore.
Never leave your golden shine behind,
till you dull out and forget why you're alive.
I hope to never again keep it all inside.

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This Poems Story

My name is Sydney Short. I'm seventeen, starting my senior year of high school. These past three years haven't been great, but I'm staying positive that my last year will be favored. My poem is about my feelings toward unfortunate events in my life. I express my inner struggles through my writings, it opens up doors to how I truly feel. Writing is a helpful outlet for me. I'll never stop writing.