Life Story

Whenever you feel at your weakest point
Remember my story, remember there’s hope
I was abused, I was raped, I was bruised inside and out
I was abandoned, I was taken, I was a child my parents forgot about
I was starved and I almost forgot what love was.
My sisters and I were neglected but we were saved
From the terrors and horrors our life had led
Is like a patch on our memorial quilt forever in our heads
I had to build my strength and courage for my sisters to guide on
They needed someone who cared and helped open their eyes
I’ve been through so much hell, but I never gave up
The only motivation I had was both of my sister’s love
They need me, a role model, someone to look up to
It takes a strong will to overcome the scars that can’t be undone
Mine was weak, but I used the little strength I had to build it back up
I have potential, I have greatness, I have a future.
I’m in school, I have a path, the world is much clearer
People love me, and they always stick by me
To help me move forward and they never misguide me
Some hold my hand and drag me up when I feel close to give up
I’m thankful for my life, and I’ve used my past to create the person I am now
I can handle life at its hardest, and I am the author of my life
My story has a happy ending, for now I am building my chapters
I’m on chapter adulthood, and hopefully next will be family

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