Life That Passed Me


It passed the day when he left us at a brink ending one
World passing to a life new, acrimony within ceded to
Plots by vested quarters foiling all good, happiness,
Laughter was stolen craftily to eliminate incumbent
Repealed, a fighter is lost, leadership crisis, evil
Won all to add to one life! Chaos proliferate instead
One life proclaim for several lives to live, it says
A regime saw its end by purging of ‘architect guide
Mull process of transition to ascertain people right
He says, ‘people is source of all power, his honor as
Champion of democracy’ was mugged to credit one other,
3rd World story where theft of value is in camaraderie
Divulge actual is act of God! Corporate Hegemony rule
Humility, integrity sees weaknesses, easy to scapegoat
They moan quietly, loss of refuge swapping shelter
For atrocities. Perpetrators decode esteem, popularity;
Accord signed at 11:57 had vanished; unnamed sacrifices;
Political stability for peace, tranquility for generations
Rulers take all. Breathe confronting poignant pain
Life follow whilst further injustices, other fetch grief
Losing generation, identity stokehold. Besieged with
Warfare to acquire, incumbent sees tussles for
Inequality, to unveil truth of chain vested schemes,
Pumped up biases spreading in sequences,
Faceless citizens are all running faster
Fighting incumbents are unaided forever!

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