Life Unhaltered

Hard pill to swallow
Of this fact I am not lost
From the fountain of life do I drink
When is it that you'll choose to do the same

The gift of knowledge
Present and past
A gift of which I give utter thanks

Finite world of classes and creeds
Corporate entities shooting off blanks
Only goal to see society falter

When is it
That you'll live life unhaltered
Released from the chains of greed
To LOVE you must take heed

Like a galloping steed
On the cosmic plain of life
Giving not into the corporation's strife

With these bare feet
I choose to make a stand
March to the beat of a different drum indeed
Will you take a stand
To stand upon the cosmic sand

What from these words will you take
My gift freely given to you
Our future, Our youth
Allow one's self to gallop free
To live life unhaltered

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