Life Unrepaired

To all the broken people.

Some may come and some may go.
But The love you shared will continue to grow.

As people change and adapt just remember.
Without the time you shared, they may still be scared.
For learning to love and loving to learn.
This brings about growth.
And don't we all yearn to feel that love?
Even when it could turn?
Wasting time should not be something we seek.
Rather time wasting us will always be a thing.
Learn to speak truths from within.
Even if you think it's just the wind.
For people may change but feelings will stick.
That's the real trick.
Consider the sick and the old. Don't turn yourself cold.
For society as a whole won't teach you to be bold.
Even if they scold, live from your soul.
For no one will ever truly know you may be scared.
Learn to share, for life is short.
Seek no unrepair.

Sincerely, a wilted rose

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