Life was, Life is, Life to be…

By Sngcrg   

There was a time when I used to laugh every day
Smile every day, which kept me happy every day

This was all natural, without my knowledge
Used to calm down thinking, too much happy is not good
That was a life happy life, life's own life

But now everything has become upside down, upside down
Everything has changed, completely changed
No laughter, no smile

Waiting to laugh and smile, creating an artificial situation
Thinking no laughter, no smile will destroy my life
Everything is artificial, artificial

Pretending to be happy, now and always
What will it lead too, an end or a new start
Life has changed, life has changed

Waiting for happy, happier and happiest life
Waiting for the best
Waiting for the best…

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This Poems Story

This poem is all about women's lives in different classes in society, how life will change in different phases of life and waiting for the happiest life