Life with Depression

Depression hurts the souls of all
And though it tries to bring us down
We all have the will to fight

Nobody wants to die
Though we sometimes laugh and joke about it all the same

Nobody wants to feel so lost
That they just can't take it anymore.

But sometimes the feelings creep up
And depression tries to take over us all
And if you're feeling that alone
Who knows what depression can make you do.

Sure the cutting let's it out some
And at least you have a bit more control.
But in the end depression keeps coming back.

How do you feel now?
Maybe depression goes away after that.
Getting help from others.

But what if it doesn't?
Or what if your failure to die.
Or to try dying at all
Passed that depression on to someone who cared so deeply for you.

And now the cycle starts all over again.

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