Life Without Me

We used to be best friends
Just fine with those comments
We were the birds who flocked together
You said we'll be best friends forever

Not a friend who would say
'Find someone better than me'
I would say
'Girl, just come back to me'

I'm a Cancer, you're a Sag
They said we, friends wouldn't last
But we proved them wrong
And what about our song?

Who consoled you when you're sad?
Who always made you mad?
Who gave you the confidence?
Who told you you're the best?

Does this make you free?
A difference to thee?
Wish you could see
The Life Without Me

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Key Words : best friends

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This Poems Story

I had a best friend. Our friendship was deep and no one could break it. We were best friends from past 6 years. But a silly fight changed everything. Egos, pride, etc. came in the middle and no one broke our silence. But the good thing is after a week or 2, we realized and got back together. I wrote this poem as I missed her so much that time.