Life:Always start a new journey

''Life is like riding a bicycle;
If you keep balance, you must keep moving.''
Always be ahead and have a bright forward looking.
If you ever get disbalanced;
then never feel embarrassed.
Life always offer you chances in every time.
And live that moment as the last prime time.
Every time in life is not same,
Every moment is not going to give
you the previous fame.
Always you have to start a new arrival;
But,never think that everyone is your rival.
Always remember that you have the
finest friend of your life,
that always go along with you.
'I suggest- its the clock !'
That always keeps you lock with your life;
If you ever get stopped in you life;
then always remember that,
Its only who can make youself start.
Never loose hopes;start a new journey.

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