I sit in a room with a man, nothing to keep me occupied.
I wonder to myself, am I one day going to be as fragile
and as weak as he?

He's so content, peaceful and happy and I ask myself, how much longer
does he have to live?

It will be a sad day to his family when he moves to a place bigger,
someplace were fear doesn't run your life, but where happiness can

When one leaves earth the only people who are grieving are those in
the family that just passed, everyone else continues with their day
in a happy carefree environment, while others are sad and asking
questions like why.

Myself, I look at death as living and living as death. You take
chances every day while walking outside, going to school, going
to work and sleeping at night...

Where if you were laying six feet under, in a cold, dark place, your
soul, your mind, and your spirit are in a warm, lighted area that's
carefree and fearless.

I pray that one day this world can grow up into one big family as
God had intended, but I have a feeling that someday in the
future things are going to get worse.

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