quite unnoticeable,
who is quiet,
not known,
hard to touch,
skipping a beat,
timing her speech,
wondering why she was giving life.
To be..
Falling apart,
hard to rush,
tripping over both feet.
Looking up,
blinded by the sun,
hearing your speech,
words unoticed,
a hand that pats one shoulder,
off on another nudge,
run, run, run,
off beat,
sweat, wet,
water fountain drips down one's chin,
my speech,
your speech,
our hug,
your hand placed in mine,
off to lunch,
big bite, small bite,
we made a heart.
Face plant,
left feet,
twist of one's ankle,
don't speak,
it hurts..
Carried by an elder,
older adult down to the parc to find a bunch,
one may recognize,
or not even notice,
a lost child.
Heart beat,
time's lost,
dam's shut,
swing squeeks,
blue eyes,
time flies...
The end

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