Lifeless Still

Lifeless and still,
I have forgotten what it's like to feel,
Someone played with my heart,
Said things to manipulate my thoughts and bend my will,
All because it gave the some kind of sick thrill,
Now tell me please,
Is this all foreal,
Because I can't help but think that none of this can be real,
But by the time I escape,
I had already been there too long,
And am now unable to heal,
And I've now turn into the person that made me bend to their will,
I'm signing up to hurt people and break them just like you had done to me,
And it's so messed up but I think now that I can finally see,
That the narcissistic one had always been me.

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This Poems Story

It\'s about my past relationship. I was finally able to leave. But honestly, I don\'t know if I will ever heal from the damage he had inflicted on my soul. To know someone for 14 years just to find out that you prolly never knew them at all. I still can\'t seem to wrap my head around it all.