Life’s A Game

I guess life’s a game. We’re all learning to play.
To know the rules and to make our way.
But what is strange is that there are ends;
These things adults call ‘consequences’.
We earn our money from parents and banks.
Then decide which future we want to take:
Professor, athlete, doctor, singer,
Pianist, writer, or pizza-bringer?
But to play our cards right, we need to know
When to turn and where to go.
Chance cards are circumstances subject to change
Our situation, area, and influence range.
These cards are inevitable, I won’t say it twice.
To get them too much, you’re not good at life.
But to say that is wrong, because life is a player.
He may have no body, face, or hair.
But he’s there all the time, waiting for you.
Seeing your actions and making you do
All that he wants and not what you wish.
That is life’s game, and we are his
Partners in crime, for his advantage.
But ignore life for now and let him have his flow.
Look up the table, then back below.
Remember, “I used to be way back there.
Now I’ve progressed and I’m over here.”
Life may decide to hinder our way.
But we will progress day by day.
Maybe not quickly, but fast enough.
Because we are still working through easy and tough.
I guess life’s a game. We’re all learning to play.
But we are all getting better, day by day.
Unless life intercedes and takes you in his hand,
Your choices will make you to your chosen end.

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This Poems Story

I will admit this is not my favorite poem ;) Tip: While you are reading this poem, think of the game Monopoly.