Life’s Cracks

Today I walked a path, a road that was all but perfect,
To come across a crack that was a doomed side effect.

This road, that once unharmed, had tread this life 'twas given,
To become a simple slab, that had finally come to give in.

This one path had come to know that life is pain and hurt,
And tribulations, that by far, come to break with curt.

A tear breaks thy heart just as this crack breaks thy path;
It runs down the face in the event of life's aftermath.

A single drop of life's water rusts the strongest metal;
It strips the thing of beauty and also of its fettle.

An animal that once ran free, entrapped by life's bestow,
Realized the truth behind the trigger, as life landed one last blow.

The forgotten child whose parents flew, and now no longer heard,
Could never understand the "why" her forsaken life insured.

So life is full of cracks, like the one under my feet-
The imperfections life has given for every one of us to meet.

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