Life’s Lessons

If the trees could talk, what would they say?
The animals who use them for their homes, what would they say?
If earth's non-human inhabitants had a choice, would they stay?
When will mankind learn? This planet was not made just for them.
It is a place for all to share, for all to grow and for all to care.
A place for all to experience the best that life offers on earth.
A life of positivity can be for all from birth.
Life should be like this for all and not the ones who don't fall.
There should not be haves and have nots, nor homeless who speak not.
Replace misuse of the earth with tender, loving care-if we so dare.
Where would we all be, if not for earth's creation? Made by
imagination and creativity, birthing a world with no despair.
In the beginning, earth had no despair; but man who ruled over
earth's inhabitants to do good has failed himself and all nouns
in the earthly neighborhood.
Mankind can reach its stage of opportunity by first learning to
live with itself, earth and its other inhabitants
in peace and perfect harmony.
This is the way to complete life's learning cycles,
leaving none to fall.
Then, and only then, will earth be transformed.
Earth will indeed be heaven on earth to be enjoyed by all
from big to small.
Only then will man be ready to leave earth positively
and meet other life encounters beyond this planet-
which, mankind will eventually see.

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