Life”s Little Knot

Life's Little Knot

I am so torn up inside with such raw emotions from my past, it's like it was yesterday, today all over again, to this day my emotions surge through me like the whiskey I try to hide behind, while all my feeling's play catch up, my heart stays so weak with all my anger, built up inside from my past, I hate to ever be alone, because that's when it always seems to hit the hardest, my mind wonders back across my past, through my fright full soul causing me to scream out, just to keep things a little sane inside, all the while I keep moving forward, I know I will never restore my past, or come anywhere close to normal in my future of uncertainty, who am I playing ? I'm so dam scared of the unknown, because I have no control over it, ( the unknown ) but, by the grace of God, I will keep tieing a knot at the end of my rope each day, while I keep hanging on, because I've came to realize that it's all in a nights sleep, for me the morning will bring all the yesterday's, & today's again without fail.
~ Katie

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