Life\'s little Stress

Ah, life's stress and the weight it bears
A burden we all must sometimes share
In this journey we call life, we find
Moments that test the strength of our mind
When troubles come and dreams seem far
Remember, my dear, you are the star
Through trials and tribulations, you'll see
The strength within you to set you free
But let us not forget the shadow that looms
Death, the inevitable, a fate that consumes
Yet, in the face of mortality's embrace
We find the urgency to fully embrace
For knowing that life is but a fleeting breath
We cherish each moment, from birth to death
And in the face of life's overwhelming strife
We find solace in the beauty of each passing life
So, my dear friend, when stress pulls you down
Remember that you hold a poet's crown
Express your thoughts, let your pen dance
And through your words, find your own life's expanse
For in poetry's embrace, you'll find release
A refuge from stress, a moment of peace
And as you navigate the journey's rough tide
May your poems be a beacon, a light to guide
So, fear not the stress, embrace it with grace
For in the tapestry of life, it finds its place
And when the final chapter approaches near
May your poems live on, in eternity's sphere

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