Life\'s Painted Reality

We cant erase time...
Not every meaningful poem has to necessarily rhyme.
We want so desperately to seek peace,
But nobody looks up long enough to decode the missing link.
Gripping on to anything...
Trying not to fall...
The struggle with societies acceptance in diversity is still disgustingly real,
Yet no one is brave enough to admit this world remains at a loss.
What is life without family and friends...?
Still foolishly casting one another out,
While rioting in the streets for it all to come to an end.
We all have pain to some degree,
Will this dark paved road we built ever be demolished ...?
To set forth a new beginning to our countries slogan "Land of the free"?
Adjoining a world of people who all bleed the same,
Forming a newfound allegiance for "Home of the Brave"
The only way out is either a miracle or Hell...
Majority are going to choose the last; its easier to fail.
Our days are numbered from living to fast,
Its easy to accept death when reminiscing on our "Once Upon a Time" past.
During the night as the world sleeps,
Reaching new topics taken over by the tweets.
Surrounded by the people we know while putting them aside,
As we conjure up excuses that make sense only in our own minds.
This life is no fairytale...
You will be mislead...
By the wicked ones who falter and corrupt inside your head.
Broken promises...
Meaningless words...
It all plays apart as death awaits at our doors.
Cling on to HOPE...
Maybe even PRAY...
We are never guaranteed life,
So take each others hand and together choose not to be afraid.

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