Life’s Posture

Life's been slouching,
Dragging itself
Claiming this is all it will be!
Enough I say!
Sit streight or lay down,
But don't bend your back and frown.
For I've know life,
elegantly and modestly shown.
I look down on life for not being alive.
I disregard life for not being proper,
like a lady is said to be lady like!
I expect life to be life like!
Will life set it's posture proper?
Or will I be life's little pauper?
For not knowing better?
Will life continue to slouch and drag
If so,then I shan't have more to brag
For I feel unpure this nasty posture
that I've entertained my life to possess.
So no more shall I torcher life to be proper,
I'd rather live in peace to be constently trying
as though to proper life without weary expectations
for these times are trying in days to come,
Alas I may give up and succumb
as though there were no time for making choices.

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