Life’s Purpose

Everyone has a story,even if its a lie.
And all of us live each day until the day we die.
Then we rest till God comes down and we answer for all we've done
And if we get to heaven then life's long struggle was won.
So no matter what you do in life remember it all comes back,
Don't let your train to heaven get bumped right off the tracks.
Cause Satan will use temptations to get you on his side
And your surely gonna go for one hell of a nasty ride.
Be true to yourself and all around you with sincerity pure in your heart
For we were created to take care of each other that was God's plan from the start.
I write these words to remind myself that Satan will reel me in,
And sometimes it's hard to fight the temptations that only lead to sin.
Make your times on earth the best and share good times together
For our reward will be in heaven where we will spend eternity forever!!

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