Life’s Thoughts

Can I get everyone's attention not anybody I want to exclude.
Something's on my mind that won't stay down, it's coming unglued.
Don't take this the wrong way, I know how things can be misconstrued.
But has anyone ever thought, why can't this color be nude?
Now hold on, calm down, I'm not trying to be rude.
Just expressing my feelings, so please just lose the attitude.
Now back to what's on my mind that I slightly askewed.
On another topic, our future generation, has anyone reviewed.
More than fifty percent of furthering education won't be pursued.
Following what's in the streets, a negative message tattooed.
Trying to live life in a world that can always seem crude.
With jobs so scarce, they'll spit you out not even chewed.
Babies having babies, can you imagine a kitchen with no food?
But you have to survive, a life in crime, increase in blood feud.
Now they're locked up in prison, a life in solitude.
We shake our heads and turn our backs, but what could they do?
The issues and problems are out there that we try to allude.
Sometimes we even pretend it's not there, our solution we seclude.
Hoping it'll all just wash away, like hair freshly shampooed.
I bet if we all just stuck together, half these problems, subdued.
But I don't know, thanks for listening, my thoughts I conclude.

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