Life’s Your Dream

You go to bed, your curfew long past.
Your mind is so tired, yet moving so fast.
Your thoughts have no certain themes,
Just creativity in your quixotic dreams.
Adventures from close and far,
beyond the Milky Way and past the stars.
Where you fight pirates, in the heat or the cold,
And slide down rainbows to find your pot of gold.
You dreams are powerful, they make you strong.
But when you wake up Your dreams are all gone.
Now take a second and think,
What if you still really are asleep?

What if your dreams were just a buildup,
For when you really woke up.
Has life passed me by?
Have I ever really spoken the words hello and goodbye?
Have all these years been not what they seem?
I guess I'll never know, if I am awake,
Or if my life has all been a dream.

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