life:step by step

By pacific   

I am new; I have miles to travel,
But I guess it’s really above my level.
Days and nights when I wonder,
Can I keep standing in the life’s thunder?

I don’t know where will I reach?,
But I know there will be someone for me to teach.
Their teaching will take me on a long road.
I would be working hard,
rest will be managed by my God.

Time will come when I would be chasing success,
I will get it, if I work hard and God would bless.
Managing success is a difficult task,
May I not get the ego’s mask.

Time will come when I will be getting older.
But, by then I will be having someone as a shoulder.
May I have faith in my soul,
If I have it I would conquer them all.

May I have a pleasant life conclusion,
But my life should have a reason.
Perfect life is everyone’s dream,
We just need to control our emotional scream.

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