Light a Flame America

By OldPoet   

Light a flame, America and keep it burning bright.
Let your voices be a chorus that echoes in the night.
For too long we have lived in shameful ignorance,
lining like sheep whenever government takes a stance.
Well, I’m an old hippy, marched with Dr. King,
took hope in our stand and the song we had to sing.
Politicians lie, my pretties, lie and cheat and steal,
leaving wounds upon this nation that will never heal.
Educate yourself, go the voting booth with a plan.
Don’t vote for someone unless you know the man.
We stand on the brink of a global holocaust. . .
can’t even begin to calculate the death and cost.
War is a toy politicians play with till it wears out.
We have to stop it and give peace a joyful shout.
Another election creeps closer every day, every way.
If we want a decent president, learn how to pray.
Learn what your rights are and what you believe.
Do your part - before a nation is called to grieve.

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I feel apathy is overcoming America. A nation of sheep cannot stay strong.