Light After Dark

Everything around her turned gray.
Her life was going down a hill
With nothing holding her back.
There were whispers in the night
Trying to deceive her every dream and thought.

There was no turning back
To something that was never there.
The shadows of darkness followed her;
While the smoke just pondered in the air.
Hopelessness, guilt, desires of the night
Trying to fulfill her every breath;
While making a bed in death.

Praying didn't seem to work
As people would say.
She expected it the same day,
But it just didn't come over night.

Then one morning,
Out of nowhere a light appeared.
She felt her life gaining back
As something as a small prayer finally was answered.

The darkness was no longer present,
And the shadows went away.
Her desires of death changed
To desires of life.

She was no longer a prisoner
Of the war she once fought.
Her life changed from misery to hope,
And she always said, "If I can make it anybody can."

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