Light and Dark

The night seeps in
Through every crack and every bend
Why don't you tell us, my friend?
How did darkness come to be?

What say you about the darkness?
Sir, it gives me quite a fright.
Quite a fright, you say? That's not alright.
Now, let me explain why

Darkness came of thy light
Or perhaps, the absence of
Maybe it was through my own might?
Maybe still from the heavens above

Light, if not for darkness could not be
For it is only through pain, that bliss we see
Darkness is nothing to fear, little one
See, without the moon, there is no Sun

For if life was entirely joyous
We would know no joy
Pain, suffering, the darker sides of life
Give us reason to seek our toy

As you see, darkness really can be, a thing of glee
And even at worst, a thing of must
Its nothing to fear, my dear
For in it, one day, we all shall forever trust

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