Light of destiny

In the middle of dark night,
I sat with a heavy head.
Staring at the dirty floor below.
cold breeze crept through my legs,
Appaling my half lived body.
Bleeding nose and weeping eyes,
Was the only thing i had.
With every hard breath i took,
I felt my broken heart.
Still can't put my finger,
Confused by the chaos of emotions.

As time passed, through my blury eyes,
Vision ahead became more clear.
I saw a light miles away.
Then,some voice in me said,
"Get-up,you are meant to be there,
That's where you should be.
Never again look back,
Up there,that light is your destiny".
An ember inside me got flamed,
Slowly i stood on my feet.
Looking at the light far away.
A smile spread on my lips.
My heart echoed, That's your destiny
Never look back, Chase it girl

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