Light Of My Life

You are the parchment I wish to write my secrets on,

Written in ink with your soul as my muse, light of my life,

An eternal keepsake of the love that intertwined us as one,

A white dove flying above as we dance in the flames,

The flames of desire that radiate between us,

Blood flows through our veins making our hearts beat faster,

The glow from our auras fly with the wind and shine around us,

We are poetry, and quotes, our love, the lyrics of a perfect song,

Your dreams are forever a future of what we can fight for,

I could lose all sight and still trace every outline on your face,

A smirk that curves into an envious smile that make my knees feel weak,

You love me as your queen as I treat you like my king,

Let me write your heart out in ink and keep it concealed and unseen,

When we forget what we have, a link will always remain to show us the way,

A lifetime of secrets, lust, love, and sex make us realize the passion between us,

A world around us and still my heart yearns for every touch of your hand,

Curled up by a fire reading the words we wrote to protect us,

When we lose the way, look inside my soul and watch the lust that turned to love,

A friend, a lover, a broken soul pieced back together by a cliché romance,

A shattered heart from a past love, walls guarding the weakest parts,

You broke through and stole my heart, awoke a burning sensation that ached for you,

That’s when I began writing our story in ink, Light of my life,

Fingertips release the poetry of our souls on the parchment that is you,

Please remember the words we wrote when the anger takes hold of us,

We vibe so easily in a way people dream to have whether asleep or awake,

I got the love I’ve always wanted, and the passion I’ve always needed,

An intimacy I imagined was too good to be true, kisses sliding down my spine,

Legs shaking from pleasure as our toes curl and moans slip through our lips,

Let’s write our story in ink and hide it far away, there’s nothing left to say,

We’ll be the love story people dream to have; two souls two hearts turned into one.

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