Light Up the Darkness

Sometimes my life feels like a dream,
Is this really me?
Am I this girl who hasn't a clue,
and if so,
when did this become of me?
Where has my independence gone?
My self worth..
Scars inside and out constantly reminding me that i've fallen.
Who are you?
A simple question that has no answer.
A simple question that will never die until it's complete.
Am I this young lady who has lost her way?
Drowning in regrets and uncertainties,
Mind constantly on rewind featuring past movies
and films that could have been..
The reality is laced with letting go
and threads of making the best out of "right now."
Am I this woman who will keep pushing herself
until she bursts through the doors of success?
Letting it be known that the world
can be a frigid place
but the fire inside will be lit forever,
My soul will always be colorful and full of love,
Mistakes and regrets won't define me
but pay a contribution to experience,
My heart will always be open, it will always,
light up the darkness.

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