In the dark stormy night a dim light shines
Through the graveyard of time
The chains of the past I drag
Deeper in the mud I sink
For every step I take the chain gains another link
Rain drops keep falling and a fog begins to rise
A glimpse of the small dim light gives me strength and might inside
10,950 links gathered and wrapped around my shoulders
Deeper in the mud I sink
The rain drops begin to multiply as the fog wont divide
Memory of the light keeps the fire burring inside
Pushing onward as my expectations continue to rise
Hope fades as I feel I have lost my way
A fog so thick I cant see the hand in front of my face
Believing in the light drives me to continue at a faster pace
For the rain will not let up and I'm up to my waist
Deeper in the mud I sink
With a wipe of my eyes the dim light I see
For the first time I can feel my heart beat
I feel as if there is no destination I cant reach
As I see the base of the mountain peak
At the top a light waits shining just for me
So I use the chain to my advantage and begin climbing
Out of the mud I rise

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