There was a hush, an awed reverence
The crowd was eager and expectant
They waited.
Hearts fluttered, and many held their breath
Perspiration beaded upper lips
And hands grew clammy with fright
Eyes opened wide, and throats convulsed and squeezed
A tiny whimper, an inaudible gasp, a shiver up the spine!
It was a long minute-an eternity
And the world watched and waited
Can he do it? Yes! Maybe! I don't know

The gun went off, and the athletes ran
They ran hard; they ran fast; they ran quick
They were shadows
But he ran best!
The thunder roared
And gave way to Lightning Bolt
And he streaked by! A flash of light shooting ahead
As in a dream more devastating than a flash-flood
Quick and destructive, as he shattered skepticism
Destroyed the doubters, separated the naysayers, crushed the critics
Won Olympic gold, in a record, 9.63 seconds
In a land far away, many believed-and Jamaica knew-
Lightning strikes twice.

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