Lightning and Rainbows

Brace yourselves; a storm is coming near.
My dreams are interrupted, I shoot awake in fear.
The lightning strikes,
My sister cries,
As I see the lighting outside my window; so white and so clear.

The picture frames on the wall shake from the thunder.
The dirt in the backyard gets muddier and muddier.
The wood floor creaks,
And disturbs my sleep,
As the storm gets more malicious and darker.

Rain falls from the clouds, like tears from a child.
A child who's lost his precious smile.
Joy deforms,
The Sun peaks through the storm,
Trying to make the situation less than miserable.

The Sun's beams of light and the rain combined.
Together, they make a rainbow across the sky.
Stop worrying,
And tell me,
Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight?

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