Lightning Storm

She was a beautiful lightning storm
No need for thunders noise
She sat quietly full of electricity
Smiled with grace and poise
She shocked the world with her glow
And could strike with massive power
Those who thought they could run from her heat
We're stopped in their tracks and devoured
She was a magnetic bolt of truth
Revealing secrets others tried to hide
She could see deep inside your soul
And bury you alive
Yet her beautiful fire could steal your eyes
Paralyze you dead in your tracks
She could surround you with golden flames
Then knock you right on your back
When darkness falls and the stars are out
Don't underestimate that diva in the sky
She will steal the light right from the stars
And drop you from up high
She was a beautiful lightning storm
Bred from liars and pain
So I'd be cautious when facing the next storm
She's more euphoric than the rain
A spark of energy that's has no time to waste
On pathetic people with no hearts
She could come down from the coulds
And rip your world apart
She was a beautiful lightning storm
Hot, electric, quite and reserved
But don't let her fool you
She's waiting patiently for her justice to be served

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